Insurance costs increase almost 80% after a Georgia DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Driving under the influence in Georgia can have significant consequences, and one of the most immediate and lasting effects is the impact on your automotive insurance expenses. After a DUI conviction, you can expect your insurance costs to rise significantly.

Exactly how much they increase depends on certain variables, such as whether it was your first DUI and whether you caused harm to someone else or someone else’s property. However, a DUI arrest signifies that you have engaged in risky behavior behind the wheel. As a result, insurance companies adjust their rates to account for this increased risk.

SR-22 requirements

In Georgia, a DUI conviction often leads to the requirement of an SR-22 certificate. This certificate is proof that you have the necessary minimum liability insurance coverage. Insurance providers charge additional fees for filing an SR-22, which further increases the cost of your insurance.

Loss of safe driver discounts

With a DUI conviction, you may lose any safe driver discounts you previously enjoyed. These discounts are typically available to drivers with a clean driving history and reward safe behavior behind the wheel. Once you lose these discounts, your insurance premiums will rise accordingly.

Premium surcharges

Another factor that contributes to increased insurance expenses after a DUI is a premium surcharge. Insurance companies may impose a surcharge on top of your regular premiums. This surcharge can raise your insurance costs even more. reports that the typical Georgia driver with a first-time DUI sees his or her insurance premiums rise 78%, or $1,411, per year. In some cases, finding an insurance provider willing to cover you at all after a DUI conviction can be challenging. You may have limited options and have no choice but to obtain coverage from a high-risk insurance company, which often comes with higher premiums.