Help With Divorce Modifications And Enforcement

When your circumstances have changed, it may be necessary to change certain terms of your divorce agreement as well. Alternatively, if your ex is not complying with the terms of a divorce order or if you are being accused of not following the terms of your divorce decree, it is important to get legal help from someone who understands enforcement actions.

At The Frost Firm, our attorneys represent people in actions concerning modification or enforcement. Whichever side you may find yourself on, we here to help protect your interests while working toward a favorable resolution.

Child Custody And Support Modifications

It may be necessary to seek a modification to a custody order for several reasons. One reason may be that a parent wishes to relocate. Another may involve a parent who has encountered problems that make him or her unfit to care for a child. Often, the basis for a modification requires quick, precise and skilled action. Whatever the reason, our lawyers can help you request or contest a modification to your child custody arrangements.

Another aspect of a divorce agreement that is subject to modification is child support. Changes in employment may require an increase or decrease in the amount of support paid to care for a child. We can help determine your options and let you know the steps you should take when it comes to support modifications.

Whether you are seeking a modification to custody or support, it is important to note that you cannot legally take matters into your own hands. You must receive court approval for any changes to your divorce decree.

Enforcement And Contempt Actions

We have all heard stories about people who refuse to comply with the terms of their divorce agreement. In these cases, it may be necessary to go to court in an effort to enforce the terms of an agreement. A person who fails to abide by the court’s order may be held in contempt. We also defend people who have been accused of not following a divorce order. Regardless of which side you find yourself on, you can rely on us to staunchly protect your interests.

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