How drug charges can affect your education prospects

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drug charges have far-reaching impacts on your life. More than just facing the legal consequences, you may also encounter issues with pursuing higher education.

Here are a few ways in which drug charges can affect your education prospects.

1. Scholarships

Whether you are in the process of applying for scholarships or you are currently receiving one, drug charges might eliminate your financial assistance altogether. Every school has different rules, but many may not allow you to apply or will remove your benefits after drug charges.

2. Financial aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid has stipulations regarding drug charges for applicants. If you receive drug charges for the possession or sale of drugs, your FAFSA benefits may come to a halt, and you must complete a worksheet to find out if you are eligible to get them back. If you qualify for aid reinstatement, you may have to complete a drug rehabilitation program to regain the assistance.

3. Morality clauses

Some colleges and universities have morality clauses that may affect your eligibility to attend the institution of your choice. These clauses serve as agreements that you will abide by the school’s outlined standards or face the possibility of probation or expulsion.

Depending on their severity, drug charges can harm your ability to receive the quality education you want by limiting your enrollment and financial assistance eligibility. For this and many other reasons, mounting a solid defense against the charges you face is a crucial step to protecting your future.