Divorced couples who reunite and remarry

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Divorce

Most divorces represent finality in permanently ending a relationship with a spouse. However, a significant segment of marital dissolutions that end see exes reuniting and marrying again. Deep emotional bonds are hard to break, regardless of the circumstances that ended the marriage. Betrayals in the form of having an affair are particularly difficult to process, let alone forgive and forget.

Research reveals that six percent of couples find their way walking down the proverbial aisle for a second time. The “second bite at the apple” sees approximately one-third divorcing for a second time. With the overall divorce average slightly over 60 percent, formerly married couples’ remarriages are more successful.

Remarriage reasons

Various reasons exist behind couples remarrying. The best interests of their children can play a role in motivating parents to reconcile. Spouses who have built up a successful business have an incentive to avoid marital dissolution that would divide a valuable asset.

While some couples find a way to successfully reunite and enjoy the second chapter of their marriages, others quickly relapse. Engrained negative or outright destructive habits can resurface, reminding spouses of why they pursued divorce in the first place. Reduced intimacy and money problems, putting careers ahead of family time, domestic violence, or relapsing from treatment for substance abuse can come back with a vengeance.

Divorce is a legally complex and emotionally charged process. Going through it once is traumatic enough. Facing a second divorce from the same partner is particularly devastating. Regardless of how often someone says, “I do,” the help of a skilled and experienced family law attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome or outcomes.