3 things to do to prevent a DUI from ruining the vibe

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Your friends and family want to enjoy a fun night out with you that ends with you safely in bed. Unquestionably, a DUI can carry a considerable cost, both in freedom and money, and will completely ruin your vibe.

When out drinking, these tips can help to keep you and others safe and ensure that you can enjoy yourself without incident.

Pick a specific time to stop drinking alcohol

Determine the time you would like to leave for home and stop drinking hours before that time. Doing this allows the alcohol to leave your system well before you need to go. The key is to commit to stop drinking when you plan and give yourself enough time to become legally sober based on what you consume.

Call yourself a taxi or use rideshare services

The guaranteed way to avoid a DUI is to have someone else drive you home. Many different affordable and reliable transportation options exist, such as Uber and Lyft, that can get you home safely.

Avoid adding carbonated mixers to your alcoholic drinks

Research shows that alcohol absorption rates tend to increase if you drink alcohol with a carbonated beverage. Consider avoiding drinks mixed with carbonated liquids to slow the absorption rate of alcohol and decrease the impact on your blood alcohol content.

Drunk driving is not worth the cost you incur from getting a DUI. Additionally, with each DUI you receive, the penalties become higher. It is clear that if you drink without a plan or personal limitation, you can irreparably ruin your vibe.