What should I not say when pulled over for DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Firm News

The sound of police sirens behind your vehicle can greatly intimidate you. You will likely feel even worse when a police officer signals you to stop and then approaches you to start asking questions. Almost anything you do while at a traffic stop is crucial, particularly if the officer suspects you of driving under the influence. 

While at a DUI stop, you should watch what you say when questioned. A police stop can be a scary experience, but remember that you have rights, including the right not to say anything that would incriminate you. 

Do not admit guilt

As FindLaw explains, you should refrain from admitting you were committing a traffic violation like driving while intoxicated. An officer may try to lead you into confessing to an offense. Keep your answers polite and noncommittal. If in doubt, do not say anything. A court cannot use your silence against you. Remember that law enforcement has the burden of proving your guilt. You should not have to prove your innocence. 

Refrain from partial admissions

The emotional stress of the moment may motivate you to try to downplay your supposed intoxication in the hopes the police officer will let you go without an arrest. Some people stopped for DUI may tell the police that they had only “one” beer. Partial admissions like these can only harm your case as an officer will just take them down as evidence against you. 

Remain polite to the officer

Being pulled over can also irritate your temper. Still, you should remain polite while speaking with the police. Getting into an argument may escalate the situation. Remember that a police officer will be on alert for any sign that you might try to run or fight. Remain in your vehicle until or unless the officer tells you to step outside, perhaps to perform a sobriety test. 

You might end up under arrest for DUI in spite of your efforts to cooperate with the police. Still, by not admitting guilt and refraining from aggressive actions, you may improve your chances of successfully defeating DUI charges.