How do traumatic brain injuries impact you?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Firm News

After suffering from a crash, you likely have injuries to deal with. Some of the most common involve the head, neck and back. Head injuries in particular lead to brain trauma. Unfortunately, this trauma can have a lasting impact on your overall health. 

In what ways do traumatic brain injuries affect you? How long will you deal with the aftermath? What does recovery look like? 

Physical and mental effects

Mayo Clinic looks at the impact of traumatic brain injuries. First, understand that they impact every aspect of your health and well being. On a physical level, brain trauma (TBIs) often results in migraines and even nerve damage. You may experience difficult sleeping, dizziness and trouble coordinating as the injury heals. 

Mentally, many sufferers experience memory loss or damage. You could struggle with concentration. Your emotional stability may change, leading to increased agitation and irritability. Many victims also struggle with impulse control and anger management. 

Potential impact on your work

Due to this combination of factors, you could struggle to work. First, you must take time off to recover from the initial incident. Memory issues could make it hard for you to remember important job-related information. On top of that, emotional deregulation issues can make it hard for you to deal with workplace stressors. If you break down under pressure, it can cause issues for you, your coworkers and your employers. 

Needless to say, this period of recovery is often emotionally and financially difficult. This is part of the reason you may want to seek financial compensation. It allows you to focus your attention on recovery rather than worrying about the cost.