Two killed in high-speed collision in Atlanta

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Firm News

Most people in Georgia likely understand that they face an inherent risk every time they take to the state’s roads in their vehicles. Most accept that risk, however, due to the assumption that the other motorists on the road with them care just as much about avoiding accidents as they do. That collective care thus discourages negligent actions such as reckless driving.

There are select instances, however, where one may encounter a driver whose actions display an indifference to the safety of others. Such scenarios bring with them not only the potential for criminal activity but also devastating personal consequences.

High-speed chase ends in fatal collision

Such consequences were on full display in a recent fatal crash that occurred in Atlanta. Per the local CBS News affiliate, law enforcement authorities began a high-speed pursuit of a BMA reportedly traveling in excess of 120 mph. The chase spilled over from Interstate 75 on to a local road where the fleeing driver ultimately crashed into several other vehicles. He ultimately fled the scene and is now the target of a criminal investigation. Sadly, a female occupant of one of the vehicles hit by the BMW died at the scene. Another victim (an infant) later died at a local hospital.

Pursuing a civil claim in conjunction with a criminal case

Some might think that seeking a pursuing a civil claim in a matter that is also subject to a criminal investigation (and eventual prosecution) is impossible. Yet the two are not mutually exclusive. One can indeed bring action against a person facing criminal charges in the same case. Having reliable legal assistance may help improve the chances of such action proving fruitful.