What is the purpose of a risk reduction course?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Firm News

Facing a DUI charge in Georgia may leave you without driving privileges. Getting your license reinstated may require you to pay fines, serve jail time or complete a court-approved risk reduction course depending on the severity of your charge.

A risk reduction course may simultaneously provide you with valuable learning opportunities while also demonstrating your commitment to change. With a certificate of completion in hand, court officials may feel more comfortable giving your driving privileges back.

Assessment and intervention

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, you will not have a choice between completing a risk reduction program or not when charged with DUI. Georgia law mandates course completion if evidence suggests you were driving drunk. The course contains two segments: assessment and intervention. You will receive a certificate upon your successful completion of both portions.

During the assessment, you will answer 130 questions to analyze the extent to which you use drugs and alcohol. The questions help determine the degree of influence that your drug and alcohol consumption have on your day-to-day activities, particularly driving. During the intervention segment, you will participate in a 20-hour informational course. A combination of therapy, education and peer counseling will provide you with compelling information about the effects of driving under the influence.

Support and encouragement

While you may initially view the requirement to complete a risk reduction course as something monotonous and excessive, your participation may actually benefit you more than you realize. The concepts you learn throughout the course may enable you to develop new, healthier habits and network with people in a similar situation. Hearing statistics about the effects of alcohol consumption on your ability to reason and respond to things around you may incentivize you to commit to never drinking and driving ever again. Additionally, your completion may help you to rebuild your reputation and will support your effort to have your driving privileges reinstated.