Is this a valid reason to request support modification?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Firm News

Divorced couples in Georgia settle matters like child support payments before finalizing divorce. But what do you do if the circumstances behind those decisions change? If you want to change your child support payments, submit a request for modification to the court. It is up to them to decide if they will approve this request. To help, you should know common reasons for requesting these modifications. 

You cannot request support payment modifications for any reason. Most often, a change to one or both parent’s finances must occur. Valid reasons for requesting a decreased payment include: 

  • The loss of a job 
  • The development of an expensive medical condition 
  • Taking on another financial burden  
  • The receiving spouse finding new sources of financial support 

In one example, let us say you marry into another family. You become their primary support. In this situation, you may request for courts to lower your support payments. Now let us say your ex-spouse marries into a new family. They gain financial support from their new spouse. You may also make a request for a change in this case. 

It is possible to request for increases in payment as well. This often occurs if the receiving parent: 

  • Loses a job 
  • Discovers the child needs increased financial support (i.e. they develop a health condition) 
  • Finds their ex-spouse came into a good deal of money 

Many divorced individuals must deal with modifications and enforcement of court rulings. If you want to continue reading about these matters, visit our linked web page. It will take you to the section on managing modifications in child custody or support.