The most dangerous cars in America

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2024 | Personal Injury

When choosing a car, safety ranks high on the list of priorities for many drivers. Despite advancements in vehicle technology, some car brands still record higher numbers of fatal crashes. 

Top dangerous car brands

Dodge stands out as America’s most dangerous car brand, with 4.03 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers. This rate is the highest among all car brands analyzed. Despite Dodge’s popularity, this statistic highlights significant safety concerns for drivers.

Following Dodge, Mitsubishi and Buick also have high fatal crash rates. Mitsubishi recorded 2.78 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers, while Buick had 2.71 fatal crashes per 1,000 drivers. These brands show consistently higher risks, making them worth noting for those prioritizing safety.

Regional variations in dangerous car brands

Dodge ranks as the most dangerous car brand in 64% of U.S. states. This dominance across multiple states underscores a widespread issue with the brand’s safety. Buick and GMC also appear frequently in the top three dangerous brands in various states. Buick appears in the top three in 23 states, while GMC shows up in 10 states.

Notable exceptions

Certain states exhibit unique patterns with other car brands. For example, Hawaii reports a high volume of fatal crashes involving Toyotas, while Mississippi has significant issues with Lincolns. These outliers suggest that regional factors such as climate and road conditions play a role in car safety.

Choosing a car involves many considerations, but avoiding getting injured should always be a top priority. Brands like Dodge, Mitsubishi, and Buick show higher fatal crash rates, making them less safe choices based on available data. 

Understanding these statistics helps inform better decisions when selecting a vehicle. Always research thoroughly and consider all factors, including regional variations and specific models, to prioritize safety on the road.